Single: Torn Away - Cover

Latest Release: Torn Away

  • Label: SBÄM Records
  • Recording/Mixing: Deer In The Headlights Studio
  • Mastering: Deer In The Headlights Studio

About us

An image of all members of Mudfight

„Reinventing the 90s punk culture!“
That is Max, Alex and Dominik‘s big aim!

Describing the style of the three young punkers, you will clearly hear influences from skate punk and pioneering bands of the 1990s like Green Day and Nirvana but also from the fierce guitar solos of ACDC!

Their name „Mudfight“ was chosen to honor Green Day‘s performance at the Woodstock 94 festival, which degenerated into a huge mudfight and thus laid the roots for punk‘s success!

Teaming up with Austrian punk label SBÄM, they released their debut single „Wasted“ in October 2019, starting their mission to bring punk rock to the top again!